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DreamweaverThis site has been created partially with HTML code editing (using Macromedia/Adobe's Homesite which is normally included with Dreamweaver) and partially using Dreamweaver itself. I normally edit the site in Dreamweaver. Pretty much everything you see on this site, you'll be able to do if you get through the Photoshop and Dreamweaver exercises.

  1. Overview (602kb)
  2. HTML (485kb)
  3. Basic Page Editing (1Mb)
  4. Creating A Template (1Mb)
  5. More Page Editing (758kb)
  6. Using Styles in Websites (532kb)
    1. View completed Francie's Flowerpot website (how it should look after exercise 6)
  7. Advanced Techniques (1.9Mb) A more challenging website for more advanced students
    1. View completed Nuklear Family website (how it should look after exercise 9)
    2. View an alternate version of the index page that uses the alternate stylesheet

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These exercises were updated for use withDreamweaver CS6. If you are using an older version, you might want to use the older version of the exercises.