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Map of Numenor

You can click some locations on the map for more information. Refer also to the glossary topic about Numenor. Andunie Armenelos Meneltarma Romenna

Map of Numenor


The Lord of Andúnië was Amandil, father of Elendil. Of all the councillors of the Numenor, he was the only one who didn't trust Sauron when he gained the favour of the king Ar-Pharazôn, the last Numenorean king. Most of the people of Numenor who remained faithful to the Valar lived in this region.


Capitol city of Numenor and dwelling place of the kings.


Pillar of heaven. A mountain in the middle of Numenor. On the top of the mountain there was a place where the Numenoreans paid homage to Eru Illúvatar. In the later history of Meneltarma, the faithful were forbidden from approaching it, since Sauron had corrupted the king and had built his own temple for the worshp of Melkor.


A place on the east of Numenor where Elendil and his followers prepared ships to escape the destruction of Numenor. From there they sailed east to Middle Earth while the rest of Numenor was destroyed.

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