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Halflings, Holbytla, Periannath

Gandalf and BilboDescription

Note: The best description of what Hobbits are like can be found in the Prologue to Lord of the Rings. A lot of this information comes from there.

Hobbits are a race of small people having much in common with humans. Physical descriptions of Hobbits describe them as usually being between two and four feet tall, with few growing taller than three feet tall. They generally had brown curly hair on their head and feet (and seldom wore shoes). They were cheerful people and were very fond of food. This made it easy for other to underestimate them and many were surprised by their toughness in certain situations.

Frodo with Farmer MaggotThe ancient origins of Hobbits is not known, but they were most likely related to human-kind. The earliest known origin of hobbits is in the northern regions of the Anduin River. During the third age, the hobbits migrated west of the Misty Mountains and began to settle in some of the abandoned regions of the dwindling northern kingdom of Arnor. Hobbit dates (Shire reckoning) are counted from the time that Arnor's King Argaleb II allowed a group of hobbits to settle west of the Baranduin river (which Hobbits later called the Brandywine river). This region became known as The Shire. The Hobbits technically remained subjects of the King until the end of the kingdom of Arnor, but were mainly self governing and largely forgotten by humans. After end end of the northern kings, the Hobbits chose from their chiefs a Thain to hold the authority of the king that was gone (Peregrin Took later held this role).

Hobbits traditionally lived in holes. In the time of the Lord of the Rings, poor hobbits lived in primitive holes, rich hobbits lived in luxurious holes (like Bilbo's home of Bag End) and most other hobbits lived in houses above the ground. They were never a warlike people and never fought among themselves, but they were skilled with weapons when the need arose. Most respectable Hobbits had no interest in adventure and preferred to lead a quiet, predicable life. Hobbits were generally not fond of water either, but some hobbits who live near the Brandywine river were an exception - particularly the Brandybucks of Buckland. For the most part, Hobbits were ignored by the world outside The Shire until the events of the end of the Third Age made heroes out of several unsuspecting hobbits.

Originally Hobbits were divided in to three main groups, Harfoots, Stoors and Fallohides. By the end of the third ages, these groups had mostly intermingled and there was no longer much distinction.

Notable Hobbits

Bandobras (Bullroarer) Took: A Hobbit famous for two things. First of all for his size. He was 4' 5" and was said to have been big enough to ride a horse. He lived almost 300 years before the time of Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck, who were the only hobbits to ever grow taller. He was also famous for his defeat of an invading group of orcs at the battle of greenfields. Many notable Tooks, including Peregrin, were descended from his brother Ferumbras.

Gerontius Took (The Old Took): Son of Ferumbras Took and ancestor of Peregrin Took. Gerontius was known for his long life. He lived to the age of 130. An age not reached by any other hobbit until Bilbo Baggins (who most likely only lived that long because of his long possession of Sauron's Ring).

Farmer Maggot: This old farmer lived with his wife and several large dogs on a farm on the western parts of the Shire. Frodo, Sam and Pippin left Hobbiton for Crickhollow, the stopped for a while at Farmer Maggot's farm. Later on when they met Tom Bombadil, Tom hinted that he knew Farmer Maggot well and that Farmer Maggot knew a lot more about the outside world than most hobbits realised.

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