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Appears in:

The Silmarillion. The Hobbit. Fellowship of the Ring. Two Towers. Return of the King.

Other Names

Master Elrond (star-dome), Elrond Half-elven


Elrond was the son of Eärendil who lead the armies of elves and men in the victory against the armies of Morgoth at the end of the First Age. His father, Eärendil was human and his mother Elwing was an elf. Since he and his brother Elros were half elf, they had a choice that few had. Elrond chose to live the immortal life of an elf and remained in Middle Earth until the end of the Third Age. Elros, chose instead to live the life of a man and became the first of the kings of Númenor (and therefore a distant ancestor of Aragorn).

When war began between elves and Sauron in the second age, the high king of the Noldor, Gil-galad sent Elrond to Eregion to lead the elf forces there. Two years later, the forces of Sauron over-ran Eregion and Elrond lead a group of elves to the hidden sanctuary of Imladris (Rivendell) where he was the master for 3165 years.

In later years, Elrond became the keeper of Vilya, the elven ring of air, which had been given to him by Gil-galad. After Sauron's defeat at the end of the Second Age, Elrond and Cirdan tried to persuade Isildur to destroy Sauron's ring. Isildur refused and decided to keep the ring which led to his death.

In year 109 of the third age, elrond married Celebrían, daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel. In the year 130 they had two sons, Elladan and Elrohir, and 11 years later had a daughter named Arwen.

In the later part of the Third age, Elrond became a part of the white council along with Galadriel, Gandalf and Saruman. He became instrumental in the events that lead to the final downfall of Sauron. After Sauron's defeat, he and the bearers of the other to elven rings departed Middle Earth forever.

Hugo Weaving.Elrond was played in the Peter Jackson film by Hugo Weaving. (It appears you have been living a double life Mister Underhill!)

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