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Steve JediSo you want to know who's responsible for all this huh? Well that's me on the right. Yeah I know the picture's been modified and if you work through the Photoshop Tutorials, you'll know how to do that too, along with a lot of more practical things.

Anyway, I'm Steve O'Neil, husband and father of 4. I spent many years training computer courses and writing courseware for government and corporate clients as well as doing website development and database development. In more recent years I've been teaching business & computing classes in Western Australian high schools as well as lecturing university computing units. The majority of these exercises were developed for other teachers and I to use to teach classes of students, and also to assist other teachers in learning the applications themselves. Many of them were based on manuals I'd previously written for computer training courses.

I currently teach at Belridge Senior High School, as well as DJing on weekends under the name of DJ Steil. Somehow with all that I've found time to put all of this together.

Feedback and suggestions?

I'd post my email address but I already get enough spam so you can contact me via the form below with any comments about this site and suggestions / corrections for the resources.
Note: If you want to use any of the materials on this site for use in classes or other non-profit use, you don't need to ask. That's what they're for, as mentioned on the main page.