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Putting a picture in a document tutorial

From the feedback I've received, it seems that one of the most common reasons that people like the pictures on this site is that they can be used in lesson handouts. To help people who aren't sure how to do this, this tutorial explains the procedure for inserting a picture into a document using Microsoft Word 2000. The procedure will be similar with earlier versions of Word and other wordprocessor programs such as Wordperfect. If you want a more comprehensive (and free) guide to using software such as Microsoft Word, then go to my PC Tutorials.

  1. First you will need to have a copy of the picture you need on your computer. If you want to save one of the pictures from this site for example, move your mouse over the image and click the right mouse button and a short-cut menu like the one shown below will appear (if you are using an Apple Macintosh computer you probably only have one mouse button but you can hold it down for a second or so to get the same menu). Choose the menu option for saving the picture. The example below shows the Save picture as option used in Internet Explorer.
  2. In Word, place your cursor (insertion point) in the position you would like the picture to be in. Go to your Insert menu, Choose Picture, then choose From file.
  3. Select the name of the file you want to insert as shown below and then click the Insert button.
  4. Once the picture is inserted, you may decide you'd like the text to flow around the image instead of being on separate lines (referred to as text wrapping). When you click on the image that has been inserted, Word's picture toolbar will appear. Click the Text Wrapping icon, as shown, for a list of wrapping chices.
  5. Choose the Square option. You can then drag the picture to wherever you would like it to be on the page and any text on the page will "wrap" around it.
  6. If the picture isn't the right size, you can adjust the size using your mouse. First you need to click on the picture to make sure it is selected. You will then see small squares on each corner of the picture. You can drag these squares with your mouse to make the picture bigger or smaller as shown below.

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