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Quiz # 9

Topic for quiz # 9 - People in the Scriptures.

1. In the book of Omni, Mosiah's people discovered another group of people who appointed Mosiah as their king. Who was the leader of that group of people before Mosiah arrived?

2. Which king of Judah began a religious reformation among his people, after they had been lead by some wicked kings?

3. Which man fought with King Noah until they were interrupted by a lamanite attack?

4. Which of Jesus' original apostles, worked as a tax collecter when he was called?

5. What was the name of the sister of Moses, who was referred to as a prophetess?

Nephite general6. Which Nephite general is depicted in the picture to the right (you can click on it to see a larger version - then use your browser's back button to return here)?

7. In the book of Ruth, what was the name of Ruth's mother-in-law?

8. Which prophet was praying on a garden tower when a group of people gathered to hear him pray?

9. Which prophet told King david a parable as a way of rebuking him for having Uriah killed?

10. Who offered his tomb for the burial of Jesus Christ?

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