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Quiz # 8

Topic for quiz # 8 - Missionary Questions.

1. How many discussions are taught to new members and people investigating the church?

2. What is the main topic of the 3rd missionary discussion?

3. What is the hymn number of Called to Serve in the current Hymn books?

4. What term do some missionaries use to refer to the point halfway through their mission?

5. According to the song, I hope they call me on a mission, How much will I need to grow before being a missionary?

6. What does the P in P-Day stand for?

7. The parts of each discussion are called...?

8. What is the main topic of the 4th new member discussion?

9. Which section of the Doctrine & Covenants is required to be memorised by missionaries in the MTC?

10. Which of the following pictures is shown on the front cover of the Missionary Guide?
Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4

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