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Quiz # 3

Topic for quiz # 3 - Famous Mormons.
(If you get stuck, You may find some of the answers at Famous Mormons)

1. NBA Basketballer Shawn Bradley served in which Australian mission?

2. Which popular soul singer joined the church in August 1997?

3. The Osmond family boosted their popularity by regularly appearing on which US tv show?

4. Donny Osmond played the starring role in which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?

5. Which character on the Australian tv commedy 'Hey Dad' is played by a church member?

6. Which church member and well known music critic, was a regular judge on Australia's 'Star Search'?

7. Which US senator and church member, has played an active role in the US department of Justice case against Microsoft?

8. US footballer Steve Young turned down a role in which popular movie because of scenes he felt were not church standard?

9. What type of gun is named after a gunsmith who joined the church after meeting Joseph Smith?

10. Which chain of hotels was started by a church member?

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