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Quiz # 10

Flavius JosephusTopic for quiz # 10 - Apocrypha & other non-canon.

This quiz is recommended for people who have read the Apocrypha and studied other writings in addition to the standard works (as advised in D&C 91).

1. According to one of the books of the Apocrypha, who was rescued from wrongful charges by Daniel?

2. What was the true identity of the travelling companion of Tobias?

3. Where were the Gnostic Nag Hammadi writings discovered?

4. Who lead the Jews to independance in the 2nd century BC?

5. Which ancient Jewish historian wrote a book titles Wars of the Jews?

6. According to the book Bel & the dragon (in the Apocrypha), who destroyed the two idols?

7. Copies of all of the books of the Old Testament were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls except for which book?

8. Which of the Dead Sea Scrolls was the longest when unrolled?

9. What name is most often used to refer to the leader of the group who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

10. Which of the following books is not included in the standard Apocrypha?

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