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The list of lds sites below are all unofficial sites such as this onethat are maintained independantly of the church unless stated otherwise. For official information, visit the official web site of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints at http://www.lds.org.
If you would like to place a link to this site on your own website, please feel free to use the map/temple logo above with the link. Be sure that the link goes to http://www.oneil.com.au/lds/

General Resources
Doctrinal Resources
Class/Talk Resources
Miscellaneous Resources
Australia Mission Websites
Genealogy Resources
Sites About Other Religions
Overseas Regional Sites
LDS Business Sites

Book of Mormon screensaver

General Resources

Official Church Web Site
Official information site
General Authorities, Pictures And Information
General Conference Broadcast
Guide to General Authorities
LDS Church News
LDS Internet Resources
LDS World
Mormon Fortress
Mormon or LDS Site by Allen Leigh
LDS Temples
The Cumorah Project

Doctrinal Resources

The LDS Standard Works (Scriptures) Online - From the official church site
Accent on Mormon Beliefs
Ask the Elder - Answers to questions about the church
Apologetics - Responses to critics of the church
Barry's Early Christianity and Mormonism Page
Early Christian Documents (circa 96-150 A.D.)
Foundation For Apologetic Information & Research
FARMS - Foundation For Ancient Research And Mormon Studies
The James E. Neumann Institute - featuring LDS Sunday School Lessons
LDS Last Days - Prophetic References to the Signs of the Last Days
Response to Critics Of The Church
Scholarly & Historical Information Exchange for Latter-Day Saints

Class/Talk Resources

Christy's Primary Art
Doctrine and Covenants Revelation Sites
LDS Teachers Toolbox
Primary Page
Primary Page
Thoughts For Talks
WOOL (Words Of Our Leaders)
Young Women Connection
Young Women Page

Miscellaneous Resources

Book Of Mormon Screensaver
Brigham Young University (BYU)
Called To Serve - Free email and other services for missionaries
Chapman LDS Resource Page
Church History Resource Page
Cult Master 2000© (humour)
D. Glenn Ostlund's Missionary Folklore
Dave Kenison's LDS Resources
David Bowie's Homepage
esword.com - Many free bible and other downloads
Free LDS Music by Sally DeFord
Famous Mormons
LDS Games
LDS Humour
LDS Hymns In MIDI Format
LDS Info Base - Collection of documents in the popular Folio format
LDS-LIFE LDS E-Mail Newsletter
ldsmissionresources.org - Free services for LDS Missionaries
LDS Music
LDS Radio Network
LDS Splash - for LDS Families
LDS Travel Network
LDS Radio
LDS World Singles
Meredith Ryan Packer - Lyric Soprano
Mormon Chat ICQ software.
Mission Nanny - Gifts for missionaries
Mormon Scouting
Mormon Thoughts
Mormon Zone
Osmond Family Network
Reed Smoot’s Mates - Australian LDS Blog
Rick Reeve - LDS Musician
Teancum Mail - LDS Email Service
The New Jerusalem
The Utah Valley Children's Choir

Australia Mission Websites

Australia Adelaide Mission
Australia Brisbane Mission
Australia Melbourne Mission
Australia Melbourne West Mission
Australia Perth Mission
Australia Sydney Mission
Mission.net - resource for missions worldwide

Genealogy Resources

Ancestral Quest
Ancestry Hometown
Family Search - service offered by the church
Genealogy Homepage
PAF Review
Roots Surname List Name Finder
Silicon Valley PAF Users Page

Sites About Other Religions

Note: Where applicable the links lead to official websites or pages maintained by active members of the respective religions. This is in keeping with the idea that the best (and fairest) way to find out about another religion is to go to the source, rather than a possibly biased third party.
1st Islamic Web
Amish & the "Plain" People
Anglican Catholic Church
Assemblies of God (USA) Official Web Site
Australian Jesuits
Buddhist Library
Catholic Online
Christadelphia World Wide
Church of Scientology
Community of Christ Homepage (formerly The Reorganised Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints)
Dead Sea Scrolls Information
Hare Krishna Home Page
Hindu Resources Online
Islam Questions & Answers
Jain History
Jain Study Circle
Judaism 101
Judaism and Jewish Resources
Nida'ul Islam - Call of Islam Magazine
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Ramgarhia Sabha (Southall) Sikh
Religious Society Of Friends - Quakers
Restoration Churches
Seventh-day Adventist World Church
Strangite Mormons
Watchtower Society Official Site - Jehovahs Witnesses
Understanding Islam

LDS Business Sites & Directories

Building The Kingdom
LDS Unlimited
Mormons in Business

Overseas Regional Sites

Alex's News, St Petersburg Russia
German LDS Resources
Korean LDS Resources
LDS Africa
LDS Equador
Portuguese LDS Resources
Sión Hispana
Sweden LDS Resources

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