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A collection of inspirational poems and short stories.

Official Church Documents

Articles Of Faith
Missionary Commission
Relief Society Declaration
The Family - Proclamation To The World
The Living Christ
Letters from the 1st Presidency


President Hinckley on Larry King
President Hinckley in the LA Times

Other Uplifting Writings
Faith promoting fiction, poems and stories

A Christmas Story 1 Christmas Story
A Letter To Jesus
And God Said "NO"...
Art Collector
Free the Birdies
Jeremy's Egg
Love, Wealth & Success
Marks Of A Man
Psalm Of A Priesthood Holder
Story Of Love
The Army Son
The Bridge
The Christmas Gift Christmas Story
The Cracked Pot
The Humming Bird
The Mediator - Boyd K. Packer
The Molly Creed
The Old Fisherman
The Miracle Of Christmas Christmas Story
The Real Meaning Of Christmas Christmas Story
The Rich Family in Our Church
The Touch Of The Master's Hand

= Christmas Story

LDS Hymns sound files

Lectures on Faith (Adobe PDF File)

All of the documents on this page are available as one downloadable file in Infobases folio format. You can get it from the Downloads section.

If you have any appropriate poems, stories etc to include on this site, email them and they will be considered for inclusion.

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