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The DogWelcome to this unofish uneffi not official Footrot Flats website. I'm the Dog and since I'm the main character, I get to welcome you. What's my real name you arsk? Dog! That's all the informash info stuff you need to know.

If you know about the internet, you know wot to do. Click the links to the left to get around the site. If you want to know about each secshun section or if you want news & other info, go to about this site.

The Dog on DVD!?!

Win a DVD!

Great News!. I just received word that Footrot Flats the Dog's Tale animated movie will be released on DVD on November 9 '05 in 16x9 and 5.1 sound. Extras that will be included on the DVD currently include: Interview with Murray Ball, Making of Feature, Film clip of Slice Of Heaven & Oughta Be Love and the P-Money remix of Slice Of Heaven plus Photo Gallery. Thanks again to all who supported the move to release the film on DVD, especially Clive Robertson for organising the DVD release petition that I know so many of you signed. Our patience has been rewarded.
There are 10 copies to be won. Enter here!
You can also buy the DVD online from Ezy DVD, dStore & DVD Video NZ
DVD front cover - DVD case

Note: this site is not endorsed by or affiliated with the author or publisher of Footrot Flats. This is purely the work of a fan who loves the comic

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